RenEge - As Good As It Gets RenEge - As Good As It Gets

Quality And Safety

RenEge is one of the most successful local players in hemodialysis market in Turkey. It supports medical care all over Turkey and her neighborhood with a wide range of hemodialysis products and services. It deserved her reputation as a pioneer in Turkey which now becomes also known in global market. As a part of international production structure, we have the biggest and the most modern production site in Turkey and around her neighborhood which maintains consistently high standards and really exceed the most demanding quality standards. To manage this RenEge relies on ultramodern technologies used in one of Europe’s most modern and highly automated production plant for hemodialysis solutions and consumables. With every product RenEge affirms high quality, safety and cost effectiveness for our customers and patients.

We recognize that reliability and performance of our products make a great distinction in the quality of our patient’s lives. We shall handle our work with an uncompromising dedication to quality and in full compliance with governmental agencies and European Medicines Agency. They administer requirements including the testing, safety, effectiveness, manufacturing, labeling and distribution all of which contribute to RenEge to keep first class quality management system. It is the RenEge’s policy to comply with all state and local laws and regulations pertaining to all products that we develop, manufacture or sell.

RenEge periodically evaluates and reviews its quality management system and follows continuous improvement to promote product and service quality. We are aware of the fact that today's success doesn't guarantee tomorrow. Thus in our planning quality management comes first.

We continuously keep the quality in sight. As a consequence of this, although it is not a common requirement over the globe "clean room concept" is widely used ın our production site. Even hemodialysis solutions are being produced in an extremely sterile area. Our arterial venous sets and Fistula needle with brand name DIARRANEEDLE are being produced also in "class 10000 clean rooms" which take place inside our production site. All materials in production and filling sites are made of AISI 316 L quality stainless steel to comply with European standards.

Recognizing the absolutely critical importance of an extensive water purification system RenEge developed cooperation with experts like worldwide giant company DWA, thus assuring high water quality as center-specific item in our solutions.

We are aware of the fact that highly automated latest technology systems itself is not enough to keep the top level quality in productions. After being tested and approved in our laboratory equipped with latest technological test systems, all our products undergo through a final optical inspection, as would be expected from a reliable healthcare company. Only after this final inspection our products are ready for manufacturing. Thanks to the skill and superior performance of our personnel, using our best efforts, we are able to determine minimal deviations from our standards and identify corrective actions before delivering our productions. Thus, while providing safety we eliminate the minimum risk of delivering productions that doesn't meet RenEge's specifications.

For accommodating specific customer requirements, in addition to modern technology and firm quality standards, high quality raw material and highly trained skillful personnel are key foundations in our manufacturing process.Our products are processed under standardized methods in order to maintain high level quality and they are constantly controlled and analyzed at our laboratuary.

As a result of our medical motivation for better patient care, a serious production quality is RenEge's outmost priority at every step of the production process. Thus RenEge has created a safe and secure environment which consists of latest scientific improvements providing the best possible healthcare for our customers and patients.

Our patients and customers have been entrusting RenEge quality and this is something they could entrust forever.