RenEge - As Good As It Gets RenEge - As Good As It Gets

The RenEge Mission

In the entrance of Delphi Temple there is a saying "Know yourself". RenEge is passionately committed to helping people from newborns to aging adults, by providing easy access to safe, cost-effective, high-quality health care through hemodialysis products. We firmly believe we can help create better living conditions for our patients.

RenEge will be a leading company, cooperating with doctors, employers and patients, while bringing higher quality, safe and cost effective products.

Our Values

Values are the things that we keep always in front of our mind whenever we are enthusiastic to plan for a new product. Our values form our thoughts and always reevaluate our actions while inspiring innovation in our products. They drive us in our journey to excellence.

From newborns to aging adults, millions of patients are waiting for our products. Guidance of our patients and customers inspire high quality and cost effectiveness in our products. As farmasol we believe, every time, in everywhere, We do our best every day, for every consumer, recognizing that even the ordinary things we do can have an exceptional impact if done in extraordinary ways, with energy, passion and a desire to do things right. During that joyful journey to make someone smile, we strive to have the highest quality as much as it can be. For that result we firmly believe it is almost fruitful to listen and respect our customers and patients carefully in order to gain insight. İn order to make it simpler, as a team we inspire each other to discover new horizons and to contribute for a better world. Our values drive us at everything we do. A healthy and firmly set of beliefs are at the base of our actions throughout the future.We are proud of our products and our Company, and all of our contributions make differences in the lives of our patients.

As we step forward through our goals, smiling faces of our patients determine our reputation, success and job satisfaction. It strengthens our commitment to excellence in all we do so our patients can benefit from RenEge' expertise.