RenEge - As Good As It Gets RenEge - As Good As It Gets

History and Facilities

RENEGE Medical Products Ind. and Trd. Co., which were founded in a 11000 m2 area in Organized Industrial Region of Salihli in 2014, began to produce bicarbonate hemodialysis solutions with the brand, EGESOL, and disinfectants with the brand, DIADEZ. Besides production of hemodialysis solutions, RENEGE started to sell SANITHUM, a Polyethersulfone dialyzer (a wide range of Polyethersulfone high flux and low flux dialyzers produced in collaboration with German Partner ALPHA PLAN) and are very exciting by its high quality., by a contract done with FARMASOL.

RENEGE has continually evolved to advance practices in medicine, science and technology, thus It began to produce arterial venous set and fistula needle BICARBONATE CARTRIDGES AND BAGS within “Class 10000 clean rooms” which was built inside these areas.

Thus recognizing the crucial importance of extensive water purification, in his way to excellency, as assuring water quality is a center-specific item, RENEGE broght a new standard to its production site on water purification. In 2015, RENEGE began to produce its own high quality and wide range of cartridge bicarbonates and bag bicarbonates which provides flexibility and freedom while preparing the concentrate.



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